Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Generation Z

The generation born after the year 1994 until 2004 is referred to as Generation Z. There is interest in this generation as in another few years the members will be joining the workforce and contributing to the economy of the country and the society. Knowing the characteristics of Generation Z will give people a better understanding what these kids are all about and what motivates them.
This is the first generation to be born with complete technology. They were born with PCs, mobile phones, gaming devices, MP3 players and the internet.(blair1) They do not know life without technology. They are often termed as digital natives and are  comfortable with technology.  They can email, text and use computers without any problems. In addition, members of Generation Z can understand and master advancement in technology.(blair1) Unfortunately, this reliance on technology and gadgets has had a negative effect on the members. They rather stay indoors and use their electronics than play outdoors and be active. They are leading a sedentary life that can result in health problems later on. it is a known fact that this generation has it all time high in obesity.
For them , social media platforms are a way to communicate with the outside world. They are not bothered about privacy and are willing to share intimate details about themselves with complete strangers. This is done everyday with facebook and twitter and so on. people are always telling personal information about themselves.(blair1) They have virtual friends and for them hanging out with friends means talking to them over the cell phones, emails and text messages. People barley want to talk on the phone. It's like the old fashion call hey how you doing is over. However, at the same time, this generation is considered to highly creative and collaborative and will have a significant impact on the way companies work when they join the workforce. They wont have any commuaction skill they will just have technology skills..There are seven charactericits of gengeration z and the first on is Tech Savvy which means members of Generation Z have never known life without personal computers, mobile phones, gaming systems, MP3 players and the Internet.(blair1) They are true "digital natives," comfortable with e-mail, texting and computer applications. They are also able to grasp and master advances in echnology more quickly than previous generations. Unfortunately, technology has also contributed to this generation's lack of interest in playing outdoors.
The next characteristics is Social networking sites and instant messaging were common as Generation Z grew up, so they have little concern for privacy and no problem sharing even the most intimate details of their lives with virtual strangers. Cell phones, instant messages and e-mail make communication immediate. As a result, members of Generation Z is very collaborative and creative. When they get to be working age, they will change the workplace dramatically in terms of style and expectations. To keep going the next step is Mulitiasking. Generation Z is so comfortable with technology, it stands to reason they are also born multitaskers. We can text, read, watch, talk and eat all at the same time, a talent that stuns adults. With this preference toward multitasking comes a dark side, which mental health experts are calling "acquired attention deficit disorder. While they are able to complete many tasks at once, each task gets divided attention, and the generation is losing the ability to focus and analyze more lengthy, complex information.
The last characteristic is speedy. Speedy is a short attention span, perhaps brought on by the tendency to multitask, also requires information to be delivered in rapid, short bursts if it is to be understood. Generation Z thrives on instant gratification.(blair1) This is why classes are so short and the breaks on so long. back in the day there was no such thing as a day and b day because kids could go to all 8 classes a day and still stay focused but because of this generation they have to shorten it to two classes a day.
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